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How to Prioritize traffic for a host over a MESH link

Hi Experts,


Is there a way we can prioritize/apply so on traffic on the Mesh Link. I have a lan to lan mesh link and we would like to prioritize traffic from some host to the server which is connect across the mesh link.


Please help me to achieve this if this is possible.


MESH AP is AP104


Thank you


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Re: How to Prioritize traffic for a host over a MESH link

I'm personally not aware of any mesh traffic prioritization per host, though there may be some I am not aware of. You can write firewall rules and policies that apply to specific hosts and traffic types, and doing that may help give some specific hosts an advantage over another. But AFAIK there's not PEF/policies that you can apply to the mesh link itself. It's pretty much a FIFO system and treats all traffic sent from the AP to controller the same. Controller to AP you can much with priorities.

Jerrod Howard
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