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How to Provision a user?

Hi every one!


We can use VisualRF to detect location of rogue APs, can we use it to detect a user or a group of users? If it could, what lisence to we need to do both of it?


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Nguyen Hoai Duc



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Re: How to Provision a user?

this isn't the right place for airwave questions. please use the general one next time.


your topic is a bit unclear, but if you want to see users on the VisualRF map within Airwave that is standard behavior. it does require 3 APs on same channel seeing the client to give a good estimate.

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Re: How to Provision a user?

Hey- You posted your question in the right spot.


Could you clear up what you mean by "provision'?


In your original post you mentioned location.This sounds like you already have floor plans imported and can already see rogue devices. All you have to do is click the box to display the users and they will appear just like the rogue devices.

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