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How to add a default route to 7030 controller (Group Level)

We have 2 x 7030 controlllers that we want to change the default route on.  They are both clustered and seutp with VRRP and they are managed controllers. When I attempt to create an IP route 10.0.0.X  1 from the web interface, I receve an error when I click on the submit button: Inconsistent address and mask.


It is as if the rule doe snot like to use in the command.  Pther IP routing rules (10.16... for example have been able to get saved.


When I originally set them up (full setup) I provided a default gateway IP address.  Since we are using corporate vlans and internet only vlans we require to use IP Routing Rules to route traffic to the correct networks.


Our older HP MSM760 controller is setup this way and we want all internet traffice to be routed to a specific network.  A previous topic just stated to craeted a static route; but, di dnot state how to create it.




How can I get the static route entered in both controllers?

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Re: How to add a default route to 7030 controller (Group Level)

Well assuming you've used the exact syntax in this post (IP route 10.0.0.X) then you subnet mask is incorrect.

correct syntax is...


ip route 10.0.0.X

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