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How to bridge for IBM SNA protocol ?

Does sanyone know how to bridge for SNA traffic ?


My customer are useing IBM SNA traffic. They want to use it via wifi.

I checked packet capture on the wire.

Wireshark saied the ethernet type is 802.3. not ethernet type 2.


So i tried to bridge them with policy.


ip access-list eth "aaa"
    permit any


but it looks does not works.


If any sample policies for bridge  SNA let me know.



Controller : 3600

AP : 105


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Re: How to bridge for IBM SNA protocol ?

test result is follows.


It works on Bridge and D-tunnel mode.

It doesn't works on tunnel mode.


I don't know why ?


Anyway, It does't need special firewall policy to brisge 802.3 flames.




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