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How to configure session timeout and idle timeout

I am using an Aruba 620 controller and AP105's running Aruba OS and I am trying to configure a session time out and idle timeout without success. I would like for users to re-authenticate after a specified time and for idle devices to disconnect and have to re-authenticate after a specified time.


I've tried configuring the controller timers,



configuring timeouts in connection request policies on the NPS,

CRP Timeout.png



and configuring timeouts in network policies on the NPS.


Network Policy Timeout.png



So far, none of these settings seems to have any effect. Tested with iPad and iPhone and laptop running Win7 which none were ever disconnected nor prompted to re-enter credentials. Where can I make these settings work? What am I missing? 


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Re: How to configure session timeout and idle timeout


This could help you out:

L2 Authentication - Google Chrome_2013-06-26_15-11-35.png

Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: How to configure session timeout and idle timeout

I tried and iDevices are still connected. Was not prompted to reauthenticate.




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Re: How to configure session timeout and idle timeout



None of those knobs have any effect that you want them to in 802.1x because it is the built-in IOS Supplicant that re-submits those credentials automatically.  At most, those devices receive an EAP request and resubmit the same credentials upon reauthentication.  The only way those devices will prompt a user, is if there is a rejection from the radius server.  The only way to do it the way you want is using the Captive Portal.

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