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How to counter reset "Synchronize Database"


Please tell me counter reset.

I reset a counter and want to clear status of fail.


I executed a command as follows.
When one synchronization fails, an error is given.
I want to know how to reset this counter.

Switch > Synchronize Database

1 synchronization have failed

Periodic synchronization is enabled and runs every 30 minutes
Synchronization doesn't include Captive Portal Custom data



It does not appear in CLI manual.



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Re: How to counter reset "Synchronize Database"


It is complete historical useful data to let admin know if there were any stack sync issues.

 And no CLI option to clear it.


If you are still very keen, the only way is to start on clean slate.

i.e, reload the complete stack.

But even then I suspect there might be one or two failed syncs just after reload. So count may soon become non-zero.




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