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How to edit config files?

Hi All,

I'm new to AirHeads and Aruba and I'm a recent convert from the cisco world. I've deployed about four Aruba WLC so far and have not found a way to edit the Aruba config files externally.   Notepad screws up the formatting.  I was wondering if there is a windows or MAC-OSX app that works well to edit Aruba cfg / config files.   On cisco devices, one was able to edit the config and paste it right into the ssh terminal or just load it to the running config.  Any best practices to do this in the Aruba world?




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Re: How to edit config files?

If you take a flash backup of the controller, and open up the tar.gz there is a file default.cfg. This file opens perfectly in Notepad, and I can copy out sections, edit them, and paste it back into an SSH Session.



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Re: How to edit config files?


Thanks for the response.  I also found that if I open it up in MS Word 2010 its formatted perfectly or if I drag the cfg file to an open Chrome tab that it shows perfectly as well and I can edit it using Chrome editor plugin.   I can't use the backup function that you mentioned, because I'm trying to look at the other config files that are stored on the flash, so I had to copy those other config files to my ftp server and view them from there. 


Thanks again.



Re: How to edit config files?

You can copy/paste the config through the CLI in the same way as you do for Cisco devices.



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