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How to export .csv file from InternalDB

Hi Everyone,


How can i get the file after export from internalDB?





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Re: How to export .csv file from InternalDB

From the webui:
Maintenance > File > Copy Files

More details here: http://www.arubanetworks.com/techdocs/ArubaOS_64x_WebHelp/Content/ArubaFrameStyles/Management_Utilities/Managing_Files_on_the_.htm

Scroll to the bottom to see details on copying other files.

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Re: How to export .csv file from InternalDB

Can't export as .csv file!!


I was imported as csv file (Internal user), but can't export csv?




Re: How to export .csv file from InternalDB

you cannot export as csv, but thats not a big problem. The export is a mysql dump, within it is CSV data (sort of). Edit the dump file, and find the following lines which are the start, content and end of the usertable


INSERT INTO userinfo VALUES (1,1,'test123','','guest','d82002db1f2d1b79fd08426393b29fe1',0,0,0,'','',25306851,'','','admin','root',1,'','',25306851,'','','','','','','',0,'','',0,'','',0,'',0),(2,1,'test456','','guest','02f9239befa5452c662167e0f9a5a358',0,0,0,'','',25306852,'','','admin','root',1,'','',25306852,'','','','','','','',0,'','',0,'','',0,'',0);

now, save just these lines into a new file (or delete everything except these lines). The password is encrypted, not much way around that. You can then use a perl/python script to manipulate it and do what you want.


If you need the password and/or you're not so familar with scripting, then I would recommend you just do the following and save yourself some time:

a) ssh to controller

b) start session log on your ssh client

c) enter command "no paging"

d) enter command "encrypt disable" if you want to see passwords

e) enter command "show local-userdb"

f) stop ssh session log


g) now edit the session log file to just include the header and the output lines, get rid of the ----- and other junk

Name     Password  Role   E-Mail  Enabled  Expiry  Status  Sponsor-Name  Remote-IP  Grantor-Name
test123  test123   guest          Yes              Active          admin
test456  test123   guest          Yes              Active          admin

h) save it and then import to excel as space delimited data





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