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How to extend an mesh network to a distant AP location through high power lines?

Greetings friends.  I have a client with an existing operational mesh wireless network using many AP-175 APs, with ant-5010 for backhaul.  They have taken another 175/5010 combination and set it up on a pole approximately a half mile away.  This new location (X) is 120' higher in elevation, a half mile away, and sits just on one side of some high voltage power lines which are just down the hill from X, and directly in line of site with the closest mesh point neighbor at location Y.  There are also some trees in the fresnel zone, but not a huge percentage.


On level ground, in a perfect environment, maybe with the minimum link rssi set to 6, the AP-175 with a 5010 should reach out upwards of 3 miles.  This one just won't link up.  I have had them confirm power, connections, change antennas, and APs.  When they take the new AP down, and move it much closer it will connect, so the AP/Antenna combo is working.


What is the easiest way to add a new 175 mesh point, with maybe a Ant-2x2-5614u antenna, and have it both fire out and light up this distant AP, and yet also join the rest of the mesh network?  An antenna like the Ant-2x2-5614u will surely do the job of reaching the distant AP, but how does that also join the existing mesh network?

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