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How to find out how many SS a client uses



In deploying mobility solutions, its very critical to know which client devices will be accessing the network. Is there any such respository where we can have a quick idea as to which devices are using what SS ? like samsung, iphone or different laptops. Or do we have to go on each manufacturer's site to see how many spatial streams are being used by which model ?

Re: How to find out how many SS a client uses

You can run a "show ap association" on the controller(s) terminating APs and clients to see the spatial stream of the associated clients, and can refine with additional filters if needed ("show ap association ?")


 As far as a list of devices somewhere out on the web, outside of seeing a handful of articles from time to time, there's no official list that I have seen that is very well maintained and in a simple table. 

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Re: How to find out how many SS a client uses

This is always a good resource



EDIT: Sorry, comes from here -> http://www.mikealbano.com/2015/01/wifi-client-capabilities.html

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