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How to make VMC 40 Gbps throughput.

Hi Everyone,


I've already deploy AOS8 MC-VA4K on my ESXi.

Spec of VMC.

12vCPU, RAM64, HDD64.


my server have 4/10Gbps port. config to port-chanel into 40Gbps.


On my VMC have 3 Data port.

I tried GE0/0/0 map on vmnetwork. but can run only 10 Gbps.

If i use GE0/0/0-0/0/2 into port-chanel. it's will be 30 Gbps right.


"How to make VMC in to 40 Gbps?"


Good day.


Re: How to make VMC 40 Gbps throughput.



port-channels do not simply add up bandwidth of assigned interfaces.

They use loadsharing based on static session hashes.


A single session will use just a single link and thus be limited to 10 Gbit/s.


If you have lots of sessions, they'll somehow be distributed via all interfaces in the channel. But not necessarily evenly.


So, if you tested using just one session, you got the expected outcome.


Session hashes typically are build from (may be configured on most devices):

- source and destination mac address

- source and destination ip

- sometimes including tcp/udp ports

- may be a mixture of all of the above.

The more is used to calculate the hashes, the more different hasehs you'll get.

The more hashes you have, the better distribution will be.

The better distribution is, the more bandwidth you'll get at the end.


Beware: Distribution is done independently by the two devices connected by the channel. Comparable results for both traffic directions will only be achieved by using the same hash sources.


All that said:

Connecting a lot of clients to the network gives you a lot of hashes. So your scenario is a perfect fir for portchannel. Maximum bandwidth just is not that easy to test...


Regards, Jörg




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Re: How to make VMC 40 Gbps throughput.

VMC with maximum capacity system specifications (MC-VA- 6K)

should not be expected to pass more than 8 Gbps throughput as the underlying hardware is the limit.


From the VMC datasheet:

"For networks with higher encryption needs, the Mobility Controller appliances scale up to 40Gbps with integrated network processors to accelerate cryptography and packet forwarding performance."


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