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How to migrate a 650 controller to a 7210

Hello all, I have a few questions regarding migrating a 650 controller to a 7210.


As it stands right now, this is what I have:


7210 has exact config and tested with AP to make sure config works and VAP/splash page works.


My concern is this:


When I bring down the old controller, all the AP's will take reboots to be reconfigured, possible downtime 30-45 minutes


If I make the 650 master and the 7210 slave for only 16 AP's worth it?


Should I export WMS database and import into the 7210 to minimize the reconfigurations?

Re: How to migrate a 650 controller to a 7210


If you make the 7210 a standy master to the 650 will copy most of that stuff. The question is if both are on the same AOS code ?


Another thing you could do is export the flash backup and restore it in the new controller


If you already mirrored the same config then you could point the APs to the new controller from the AP-System profile LMS IP of the new controller .



Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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