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How to recover Plan Tab information after an upgrade to 6.3

I have update my controllers from 6.2 to 6.3 without realising that information about Plan is lost in  6.3.

I have flashbackup.tar.gz from previous releases, Is there any way to recover Planning information in order to migrate them to Airwave??

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Re: How to recover Plan Tab information after an upgrade to 6.3

RF Plan has been deprecated from ArubaOS 6.3.

What you might try is to downgrade to the version you have the backup from. After restoring the flash backup AFAIK the RF plan data will also be restored. You may check the 6.3 release notes for proper downgrading procedure.

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Re: How to recover Plan Tab information after an upgrade to 6.3

Definitely need to go back to old firmware and load back your backup flashin order to get your plan back, Then follow the following steps to export from Aruba controller and import to Airwave:-


Import Floor Plans from an Aruba Controller


This option enables automatic importation of buildings and floor plans from Aruba Controllers into VisualRF. Prior to clicking the Begin Importing Floor Plans link below, ensure VisualRF's memory allocation is sufficient for the anticipated number of floors plans. To change the memory allocation, navigate to the VisualRF Setup page and configure the memory allocation accordingly. Memory allocation should equal .5 GB for 1 – 75 floor plans, 1 GB for 76 – 250 floor plans, 1.5 GB for 251 – 500 floor plans, and 2 GB for 501 – 1,000 floor plans. Note: Importing a large number of floor plans can impact performance of the AMP server. The VisualRF service must create a thumbnail, provision APs, create attenuation grid, and locate all clients on each imported floor plan. This can cause the VisualRF --> Floor Plans page to be unresponsive. Also importing from Cisco WCS 7.0 is not supported.


Steps: 1.On the controller navigate to the Plan --> Building List page.

2.Select the buildings to be exported and click on the Export button.

3.When the dialog box appears, make sure that you have included all images and click the Save to a file button.

4.Click the Begin Importing Floor Plans link below.

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