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How to setup DHCP snooping for IAP


i am trying to find how to setup switch ports connected to IAP.

I know on cisco controller is trusted interface for DHCP requests. 

What about IAP...is every AP trusted interface or just VC, what when VC changes or i have to manually setup master AP.

I am using aruba 315 AP, and Aruba 2920 access switch.



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Re: How to setup DHCP snooping for IAP

Essentially the native VLAN (untagged) is where the VC will reside, the tagged VLAN's would be your SSID's. The IAP's will auto elect a single AP to be the master when all located within the same broadcast domain.

You can configure the 2920 switch to be the default gateway and DHCP server for the VLAN in question.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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