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How to split single 6.3x environment into separate 6.3x and 6.4x environments?

I am currently purchasing 35 AP325's for a new office build, however I am running OS6.3x.  I would like to split the current 6.3x environment up into 6.3x for RAP devices and 6.4x for AP devices.  This would allow me to set my internal DNS of "Aruba-Master" to a new IP for the 6.4x while leaving the external DNS on the same IP in 6.3x. 


We currently have the following hardware in our 6.3x environment. 


3400/3600/6000 Controllers




All APs will be moved to 6.4x while the RAPs remain on 6.3x.


Which path is the most feasible? 

1)  Convert an existing 6.3x Local Controller to Master, Upgrade to 6.4x and then move the other local controllers to the new Master with the exception of the Locals remaining on 6.3x

2)  Create new 6.3x Master and move Local controllers staying on 6.3x to it.  Then upgrade the remaining Controllers to 6.4x

3)  Other Options?


I am needing to do all of this in our Production Environment without significant down time. 


Thanks for your time,




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