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How to test Aruba controller IDS feature



My customers want to see arubaOS IDS security feature. They want to perform a penetration test to aruba wifi networks. How can we do that? I mean which software or hardware should I use for IDS security test? I researched this issue from the internet, some linux distributions provides this penetration programs like backtrack or aircrack with some specific kernels but these operating systems needs built-in wifi ethernet cards which we haven’t got unfortunately I tried to use my cell phone (samsung galaxy s3 after rooting process) but I haven’t found any related usefull hacking test programs. Is there any testing tool for wifi network which aruba officially created? Or do you have any suggestion for this issue?



Re: How to test Aruba controller IDS feature

Aruba doesn't have nor create any hacking or pen-test programs, mostly because from an IA/Security standpoint, they wouldn't hold up to scrutiny (a vendor creating their own pen test tools to test their own security posture doesn't usually go over well heh). 

Backtrack is the best distro for a laptop, but yes it does require a wireless card supported by the distro. Your other option is to buy a WiFi Pineapple Mark V (https://hakshop.myshopify.com/products/wifi-pineapple). This can do a number of pen test activities from the gui of the unit, ad is pretty effective. Esp with the integrated battery. Note you can also do a good deal of testing with just a regular off the shelf wireless router (rogue testing, IP and SSID spoofing, etc). 

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Re: How to test Aruba controller IDS feature

You also have the option of buying a wireless card (Supported cards) that supports passive mode. Download Kali Linux (formally backtrack) and youtube has a lot of tuturials on setting up Kali and running some basic attacks.

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