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How to use DHCP Local in Branch Office

Hi All, 


I Need your advise for this case.

I Got topology Like Bellow.


AP in Branch Office already Configured with Controller Base without RAP. and in Tunnel Mode I got DHCP from Head Office, So what should i do to make user in Branch Office get DHCP Local ?


Kindly need your advice



Re: How to use DHCP Local in Branch Office


Your AP already configured as rap,You may want to change the working mode (from tunnel to split or bridge)


Bridge mode gives you the same firewall policies, but there is no VPN tunnel. All traffic stays local. IP addressing comes from the local site. (Actually a VPN tunnel does exist, but it is used only for control and management traffic).

In bridge mode, traffic is never re-encrypted. There are no performance limitations, because wireless encryption and decryption is done in the hardware.

More info here:


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Re: How to use DHCP Local in Branch Office

Hi kdisc98


Thanks for your response,


How about Split Tunnel ? Where is DHCP Comes from ? HQ or Local ?



Re: How to use DHCP Local in Branch Office



In split-tunnel, DHCP will be on the HQ network.


We can add acl's in the user -role to define the traffic which needs to be tunneled to the controller & rest of traffic can be locally bridged using another ACL

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