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How to verify bandwidth Traffic speed



I have setup guest portal access on our network and we pretty much block everythig in the guest network except for http/https/DNS.


We aslo have the guest bandwidth traffic set to 2 MBps per use from teh Post Authentication Role.  I used to be able to verify  this from internet speed web sites; but, those are not longer working because the web sites want us to conenct to a server and we are probabaly blocking it.





My question is, how can I actually verify that the guest users are getting the bandwidth that we are promising them?  How can I verify the speed?

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Re: How to verify bandwidth Traffic speed

Use a speedtest site that isn't blocked or setup an iperf server on your network that the guest network can access.


Failing that, you could always be nice to your guests (and rf) and allow guests to use the Wi-Fi with less bandwidth restrictions and therefore use less airtime.

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Re: How to verify bandwidth Traffic speed

Is there any other way besides using Ipserf?  O do not want to loosen up teh security rues unless I have to.


Speedtest.net used to work but for some reason now does not.  Is there another way besides hunting and searching for different speed test  web sites?



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