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Hundreds of Suspected Neighbors After Adding Switch

So, I have a new implementation of Airwave running and I just recently added one of my access switches to monitoring. Since it polls the mac tables, it now shows hundreds of phones, printers and other devices in RAPIDS. They are all listed as Suspected Neighbors. What am I supposed to do with these. Is this normal behavior? Should I classify them as "Valid"? Thanks

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Re: Hundreds of Suspected Neighbors After Adding Switch

It would be worthwhile to drill down to the details page for some of those rogues and focus on (1) what rule classified them as Suspected Neighbor and (2) what devices were they discovered by. 


If they've been discovered both wirelessly and wiredly and they're not being managed by AirWave, then Suspect Rogue might be a more accurate classification. If they're only seen wirelessly, then Suspected Neighbor could definitely make sense.



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