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HyperLink HG2415G



Is anyone using a HyperLink HG2415G antenna with an Aruba AP-124. I am trying to create a Mesh but the portal does not see the point when the antenna is connected It works fine in my office with a smaller antenna so I think the configuration is correct unless it is a dbi settings which I just matched the antenna gain. Aruba says that the antenna is not on the "Recommended list" but I can get it to work with a apple airport and I would rather not have to buy new antennas.







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Re: HyperLink HG2415G



I just looked at the datasheet for that antenna, it is a single feed antenna and you are plugging it into a MIMO AP that has three outputs.  You should really use an antenna that provides three inputs with this AP, if you do not terminate the other two ports you are likely going to damage the AP. 


For troubleshooting mesh connections I use these commands on the CLI frequently:


show ap mesh neighbors ap-name <portal name> names

show ap debug client-table ap-name <portal name>

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