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I want to establish the internet on the controller. Need HELP !!!!

I visited the Customer site & done survey before deploy the demo setup. I have to deploy the Demo setup at 5th floor. At 5th Floor cisco switch is already configured with some of the VLANS and the WAN port of the cisco switch is connected to the fiber cable coming from the core switch (Data center).

For example:

VLANS on the cisco switch at 5th floor DG 1.254, DG 2.254 , 3.0, 4.0,5.0,6.0 ........  maximum 8Vlans.



I will connect my controller "1/8 port" to the switch port on which the VLAN 1.0 is configure ? Am i on the right way ?


My controller is at default settings right now i.e, If want to establish the internet on the controller initially. For this purpose may i have to configure one VLAN &  adding Default Gateway route "1.254" on the controller with just NAT enabled (not the source nat) in order to define the path to the internet. ?????


Am i on the right way or there is some other way to do it?

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