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I want to redirect traffic to a tunnel and do QOS on that traffic as well

I have a network that is for BYO devices.   the device must authenticate using 802.1x to the wireless network (not using a portal as it is really not guest service).  I want to redirect this traffic into a tunnel that I have built to a router (cisco) in our DMZ.   The controller will nto be providing DHCP so I will need to not redirect dhcp traffic but the rest of the traffic will need to go into the tunnel (probably like to allow ping to go directly as well but that is not a necessaty).   I would also like to QOS all of this traffic going to the dmz (out to the internet).   is there a VRD or a document somewhere that will help me configure this?   I am running on a 7210 controller running code.   thanks for any pointers.



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