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IAP-105 VLAN issue

Having issues with a guest WiFi network on a second VLAN (150), this started after a firmware update and I cannot figure this out; I'm thinking there is a bug.  We have 5 IAP-105 devices plugged into 2 HP switches.  Both switches are trunked allowing all vlans, APs are plugged into trunked ports as well.  Our router is a juniper SRX, with a guest VLAN #150.


SRX Gateway:  (this is the DHCP server)

Switch#1 vlan interface:

Switch#2 vlan interface:


Client joins and obtains


Both switches can ping each other, as well as the gateway.  Gateway can ping switches.  The switches can also ping a wireless client joined to the guest network, as well as the guest ping the switches.


Here is where things get wierd.  The client obtains a DHCP address from the gateway, but can not ping it or make external DNS queries.  The gateway can't ping the client either.  If I hardwire a laptop into the switch on vlan 150 I can ping the gateway as well as the switches and browse the internet.  It's odd.


Previous version:

Current version:


Any ideas would be great!  Thanks in advance.

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Re: IAP-105 VLAN issue

Do you have your guest users in a role that is blocking that type of traffic?

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Re: IAP-105 VLAN issue

Not that I see.  It's another "Employee" network type set to unrestricted.  I have tried resetting to factory defaults to clear the problem, but no luck.  This started after the firmware upgrade which is wierd, I have no way of rolling back to the old version unless I can find the image somewhere.


Sorry, I am new to the Aruba gear.

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Re: IAP-105 VLAN issue

With a laptop connected wirelessly, I am able to ping the SRX gateway and browse the internet if I manually add a static ARP entry for the juniper on the laptop.


Once I remove the ARP entry, communication stops.

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