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IAP - 105 error message


When I'm connected with console I get the following error:

Turn off mobility


Any idea what is this error?

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Re: IAP - 105 error message

When did you first start seeing this?


That means that you  tried to convert an AP-105 to an IAP-105 and it is now complaining that it does not have the necessary information for IAP.  You will see that over and over again and it will not work.


I would go back to the apboot> prompt and type clearos to turn it back into a Campus AP.





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Re: IAP - 105 error message

Dear Sir,


this happen with me too. when I done the upgrade from 3.3 to 3.4


I can login, and console show a lot of:

turn off mobility


What to do ?

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Re: IAP - 105 error message

This occured during an upgrade at a remote site from 3.3 to 3.4.  After the IAPs rebooted after the upgrade

I could not log into them with the configured uid/pass nor with the default uid/pass.  Also they were no longer

transmitting out the configured SSIDs of the default "instant" SSID.


I had a on-site novice use the reset button procedure to default one IAP but this did not clear the problem.


Once both IAPs were shipped  back to us, I tried the reset button procedure  and connecting via serial console connection

and performing purgeenv and clear os but it still no access. 


We have an RMA in process to replace the units but is this a known problem during upgrades and is there a backout procedure

if this happens again?   I have 20+ international remote sites with IAPs with no technical level help at those sites.


Should I power down all but one IAP and perform the upgrade?  If it completes correctly bring up the others to sync to the upgraded leader?  And if it fails power down the failed IAP and and bring up the others?




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