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IAP-105 with IAP-93

Hi All,


I have a query regarding the maximum capacity of Virtual contoller. if we use IAP-105 then we can have 64 APs then if we use IAP-93 then we can have only 16 APs 


Am i right?


If i have IAP-105 VC for example IAP-105 already has 30 APs then can we extend the network using 20 number of IAP-93 to IAP-105 which already has 30 APs?


Is that possible in mixed environment?


Thanks in advance. 

Re: IAP-105 with IAP-93

no this enviroment of mixing APS 93 and AP 105 will reduce your cluster number to 16


Aps 93 just support a cluster of 16 APS

And if you have a cluster of 30 105 and you put in that cluster a iap 93 it will reduce the cluster to 16 so be careful...




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Re: IAP-105 with IAP-93

Hi this apply for the quantity of customers by ap?

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