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IAP 105 with different IP in single cluster

Can i configure IAP 105 at different subnet but in the same single cluster? which mean manage it in a single console and by single virtual controller.

Re: IAP 105 with different IP in single cluster



Once you configure your first Instant AP, all Instant APs that connect to that layer2 segment will automatically discover the existing configured iAP and join the instance. All instant APs in the instance must reside on the same Layer2 segment for management.


Access point management subnet must be the same to be in the same cluster.  As long as you will have all of these access points on the same management subnet you should be fine to manage them centrally.


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Re: IAP 105 with different IP in single cluster

You CAN opt to configure the virtual controller VLAN.  So long as that's tagged to each IAP, that should work.  The IAPs themselves can be on different subnets (IDFs) but the VC VLAN (think of as a management VLAN) must be spanned across the network.


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