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IAP-175 Point to Multipoint - Question


I 'm seeking some guidance and any input is much appreciated.


  1. I have a three building site where we are looking to interconnect the buildings.
  2. The distance between the 2 "remote" buildings and the main building is approx 300 feet.
  3. The two remote buildings are adjacent to each other and are approx 70 feet apart from each other.
  4. The main building has instant's running. In addition to interconnecting the buildings, we would like to extend this wireless network and provide client  wireless access in the space between the main building and the 2 remote buildings.
  5. We are also looking to extend the wireless network currently in the main building into the remote buildings.


Here are my questions.

1) Can I use the IAP-175 to provide Point to Multipoint connectivity between the main building and the 2 remote bulldings? So,  I would have 3 IAP-175's, one for each building?


2) If I could provide this connectivity between the buildings, am i correct in assuming that by installing a switch in the remote buildings and a couple of Instants i could extend the main building SSID to the remote buildings over the point to point link?


Many thanks for your time/expertise,



Re: IAP-175 Point to Multipoint - Question

Hi Andrew,

Your assumptions are correct.   The IAP can be utilized for the point to point / point to multipoint scenarios you indicate.   The distances and topology you have are relatively straightforward.


FYI, you could also consider leveraging the MST-200 to do this building to building connectivity.    The MST-200 would be a more cost effective way to bridge the buildings together, albeit at the 'cost' to use a different OS that you would have to work with in parallel with the INstantOS that you are already familiar with.  The MST-200 units would provide you with full-time pipes between the buildings and then you are free to have INstant clusters within each building as needed, along with wired users.


Net:Net you have options.  


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Re: IAP-175 Point to Multipoint - Question

Thanks for your response. I have two follow up questions.


  • Comparing interbuilding connectivity provided by the IAP-175 vs the MST-200, from your e-mail it seems as though the MST offers advandatges over the 175. Is this accurate and if so what are they?



  • I was also pondering this installation further and was thinking. What If I were to replace the IAP-175 with an indoor IAP-104 with an external Antenna. The distance from IAP to the external antenna would be very limited. I would therefore have 3 IAP-104's with external antennas providing point to multipoint and client access. What functionality would I lose by going this route vs the IAP-175 route?


Thanks again,



Re: IAP-175 Point to Multipoint - Question

1) MST vs. IAP...  Ease of set-up would be a distinct advantage as well as cost.  For examples, The MST will cost you half of what the IAP-175's will cost you.  Both are outdoor rated.     Also, the MST comes standard with an embedded 5 GHz antenna, the IAP-175, you have to buy them seperately.    


2) iAP-104 vs. IAP-175...   Indoor AP vs. outdoor.  Functionally the same for your application as they run the same OS and are both dual radio.   You won't be pushing transmit power or receiver sensitivity in your application, so no need to leverage the IAP-175 advantages there.        You already have the main consideration covered:  ensure antenna cable length is as short as 'reasonable'.    That being said, we typically want to see the IAP-104 fielded for indoor applications and the 175 or MSR/MSR line outdoors.   e.g. the specific tool for the specific job.  

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