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IAP-207 and the AP-200-MNT-W2

Greetings all, quick question I hope!  Will the IAP-207 work with the old AP-200-MNT-W2?  I imagine it must as the 207 maintains the same form factor as the 200 series right? 



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Re: IAP-207 and the AP-200-MNT-W2

I believe they would since the AP-200-MNT-W3 replaces the AP-200-MNT-W2 and
AP-207 uses the AP-200-MNT-W3 mounts..


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Re: IAP-207 and the AP-200-MNT-W2

Thank you, the AP-200-MNT-W2 does indeed fit the IAP-207!

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