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IAP-207 does not pass traffic when powered by a PoE midspan injector

I have an iap-207 i am configuring for a client. On a PoE switch I configured the WAP and everything works as intended in my office.  At the client site they do not have a PoE switch so we are using a Power Dsine 3501G. It is a 1p GE 802.af Midspan injector. When I connect the WAP to the injector the WAP powers up and starts broadcasting the SSID fine. However when clients connect to the wireless network DHCP from the network fails. I also cant ping or connect to the web gui. 

I can put it back on the PoE switch and it works just fine. So its something with the PoE injector. Injector is new. Problem persists on Axis injectors we have as well. 

if anyone has idea, im open to suggestions

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