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IAP-207 is down on virtual controller!!

Like the attachment,

I use  four  IAP-207s.

We are going to expand further in the future.


However, one of four AP is strange.

It goes down for a long time, then goes up for a while and then goes down again.


If I disconnect and reconnect the port of PoE Switch, the AP will come back up again and down after a while.


I want to find the cause.

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Re: IAP-207 is down on virtual controller!!

Seems like a provisioning issue.

Check if CPSEC auto certificate provisioning is enabled so the AP can get the certificate pushed.
Kind Regards Marcel Koedijk
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Re: IAP-207 is down on virtual controller!!

Do you have any related errors messages in the IAP logs or on the switch port? In the first instance to rule out a hardware fault, swap one of the working IAP's to use the same switch port. I would also check on the switch that there is enough power available for all of the IAP's.


There is numerous reasons as to why a single AP can reboot, whether it is hardware of software. Do you have a syslog set up to capture any output? It might also be worth attaching a console cable to the AP to capture any output when the AP reboots.


When the IAP is "down" on the VC, do you have any L2 or L3 connectivity to it?

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Re: IAP-207 is down on virtual controller!!

I cross checked and it was a problem with the cable.
Thank you.

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