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IAP-207 not auto-discovering

Hi guys


I have a Mobility Switch S1500 (model: ARWS1512), and a few IAP-105 & 205s...all working fine with easy connectivity and auto-config.


However, I recently purchased 3x IAP-207 units, and connected them to my network, but they do not automatically config - their status light is green, so they are powered.


Are there any hardware compatibility issues here, that I've missed?


Or is it software/firmware related?

Current version shows:


Thanks in advance!

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Re: IAP-207 not auto-discovering



According to the AP-207 datasheet here:  http://www.arubanetworks.com/assets/ds/DS_AP207Series.pdf the minimum version of instant required is


You are running

Unfortunately, according to the Instant release notes, "legacy" 802.11n access points are not supported on and newer (IAP-105), so you have two choices:

- Upgrade the Instant firmware, retire and your IAP-105s to integrate your AP-207s

- Purchase more AP205s, and choose between staying at the current version of code and not using the IAP-207s or upgrading and not using your IAP-105s.


I hope that makes sense...



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Re: IAP-207 not auto-discovering

The IAP-207 is going to need 6.5/4.3 software to operate, however the existing cluster is running 6.4/4.2 and the 207s can’t downgrade to match. The 105s can’t upgrade past 4.2 either, so both APs in the same cluster is not possible.

Charlie Clemmer
Aruba Customer Engineering
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