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IAP-224 Antenna Connection Question

We've recently begun testing the IAP-224, which is our first device that uses external antenna connections. As I'm not very experienced with RF/antenna technology, I'm wondering if it would cause any problems or limit performance if we only use one of the three antenna connections on the device and leave the other two unused/unplugged.


On a similar note, we found an antenna for the device but aren't sure if it's an AP-ANT-1F or AP-ANT-1B. Is there any way to tell the two apart by appearance? They look identitical to us from the images online but we we want to make sure we know so that we can set the gain appropriately.



Re: IAP-224 Antenna Connection Question

It is not recommended to use just one antenna, performance will be very poor, range is reduced by half or more (depending on Tx power), there's no MRC on the receive, and no MIMO. In short, you will likely see a huge reduction in throughput, lower performance and lower range, etc. It's not recommended.


I am not sure how to tell the two apart, to be honest. I don't have a 1F to compare, if you can take a picture of them side by side we might be able to compare them to the 1Bs and use elimination.

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