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IAP 224 Mesh



I have a question, for this IAP Mesh construction do i need a controller ?

multipoint ( 2,3,4,5,) to point (1)

point(5) to point (4)

mesh cluster would be IAP 224 position 1






IAP 224 Mesh.jpg

Re: IAP 224 Mesh

That should work fine, though with IAP Mesh there is no forcing that topology. #4 could select to go to #3 and then to #1 (that's if the mesh metrics support that). 

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Re: IAP 224 Mesh

For That i need a omni access controller i can do it all trought the IAPs ?


i will today upload the new firmware on the IAP 224 a then test it the lab

Re: IAP 224 Mesh

To configure instant APs for mesh, you first have to bring them all up together on the wired network to get the VC established, then disable the extended SSID. once done, you can move the mesh points to wherever you need. Not sure what you mean with omni access controller, but so long as all the APs can hear each other, they can build the mesh links and get back to the mesh portal.


The user guide has instructions, as is there a dozen or more articles within the AirHeads community on configuring mesh within Instant. You shouldn't have any issues.

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Re: IAP 224 Mesh

You need proper antenna design - yes. And please remember about some Instant MESH limitations: 

In an Instant mesh network, the maximum hop count is two nodes (point >point >portal) and the maximum number of mesh points per mesh portal is eight. 

As Jerrod said - just connect all IAPs in the cluster togedther via eth and when they join the cluster you can unplug the ethernet. MESH should be established automatically. 



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Re: IAP 224 Mesh



I have for the test 2 x IAP 224 and 1 x IAP 205


First i update the new firmware, connect them on a switch with DHCP vlan 16

They got a IP adres, and the two IAP 224 a see as a Portal , after Antena configuration, IAP 205 Typ N/A IAP 224 IAP 225 IAP 205

When i go on the Edit IAP 205, uplink, enth0 bridging and make it enable i cant more connect to the IAP, and i dont see the IAP in my access point list

They are all connectec over a POE switches

How to configure only one Mash Portal And two mesh point ?

any documents ?




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Re: IAP 224 Mesh

I dont have a controller only 3 IAPs

I make a VC with the ip


Re: IAP 224 Mesh

You brought them all up on the wire, got them all on the same/latest firmware, and made sure they all were senn as part of the same virtual cluster correct? Then you disabled extended SSID correct? 


From there, you just take whichever APs you want to be mesh points off the LAN. If an Instant AP gets an IP address from the ethernet interface, it will not become a mesh point. So if you want them to be mesh points you need to power them with something like a power injector or a power supply, where they are disconnected from the LAN.


Once you do that, let them all come up with the ones you want as mesh points to make sure that layer is good, then you can worry about configuring the mesh point ethernet interfaces later.



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Re: IAP 224 Mesh

I do it all one more time but only with two IAP 225, now i unplug one from the switch with dhcp and give them power over a poe injector







HE change to Mesh Point now.

I connect my pc over wifi and got Ip address,

Mesh portal have the IP

Mesh point have the IP



When i ping from my pc to  Mesh point, i dont got any answer, when i ping over the concole from to i got a answer

Where is the problem ?





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Re: IAP 224 Mesh




mesh plan .jpg

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