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IAP-224 wireless bridge support.



About to install 2 x IAP-224 as a wirless bridge however in the recent firmware notes ( states the following: IAP-22x does not support wireless mesh functionality. I am guesing that it is just refereing to the automatic mesh feature of previous IAP's, will this be supported at a latter date ? I allso read a tech note that stated the 27x series would not have this feature until 3rd quater of 2014 is this correct ? If so is this the same for the 22x series ?








Re: IAP-224 wireless bridge support.

What you read is correct.

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Re: IAP-224 wireless bridge support.

Cheers Seth,


So i am guessing you can't set up the IAP-224 as a wirless bridge manually ?


Thanks for your time mate.

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