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IAP-225 LDAP issue



          We have 3 Auruba APs , IAP-105 *2 and IAP-225*1. The IAP-105 put at 10F and 7F. The IAP-225 put at 9F. Like this picture.



          The IAP-225 is the controller now. Yesterday, We set a SSID "RHZ_9F" and use the LDAP authentication .


           Now i was at 9F connect to the "RHZ_9F" , key the username and password always failed to connect. But i was at 10F and 7F connecting to the "RHZ_9F"  the connecting is successful. We try to reboot the IAP-225 and reset the SSID . It's still not to connect ony at the IAP-225.  BTW , The three AP firmware are the lastest . 


          Does anyone have this isuue?

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Re: IAP-225 LDAP issue

do you have dynamic radius proxy configured? what did you add for clients in nps?
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Re: IAP-225 LDAP issue


Hi Panic,


No , i don't have dynamic radius proxy configured.It's disable.



what should i recheck for the config? 



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Re: IAP-225 LDAP issue

you could enble DRP and make sure that it's IP address is a client in NPS or check and make sure that each ap is a client in NPS. It must be one or the other but I would say that best practice would be to use DRP. I'm assuming you're using NPS... have you checked logs in your NPS server? Is the auth attempt even hitting the server?
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