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IAP 225 network asssigned client ip question

Hello, i have a IAP 225 and i am using that as instant access point, etho connected to VDSL zyxel modem/router.  .


When i created the network i chose client ip assignment as network assigned, and i disabled air group and broadcast filtering. I did this to make sure my devices in home network is discoverable ( for eg: nvidia shield tv plex client can discover local plex server in network automatically).  I had to do this as if i chose VC managed, local device discovery is not working even after disabling air group and broadcast filtering.


Does this setup ( network assigned)  and disable braodcast filtering  has any performance issue in theory ?   Reason i ask is i have 100mbps internet connectivity and some times i am facing quality issue in live Full HD streaming for internet, which i haven't noticed in my previos setup.


I use os version

Thanks for the help.





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Re: IAP 225 network asssigned client ip question

Disabling broadcast filtering allows unused broadcast traffic on the WLAN.  This will compete with legitimate traffic.

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