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IAP-277 wont start

Hi there,

Just received a new IAP-277, connected it to the existing Aruba AP and it attempt to start but the status light turn solid red.

Looking at the file I can see some error but I can't tell what is the issue.

Help decipehring it will be appreciated.

Thanks Dov


Re: IAP-277 wont start

What is the other AP(s) that you're trying to connect this IAP-277 with?


The rest of the Instant cluster are IAP-215s? The cluster is currently running


It looks like the problem could be insufficient power to the IAP-277:


Power Status
Item                        Value
----                        -----
Power Supply                : POE-AF
LLDP Power                  : 0.0W
Current Operational State   : Ethernet port 1 disabled; All radios disabled;

Charlie Clemmer
Aruba Customer Engineering
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Re: IAP-277 wont start

Indeed - I changed to POE+ and everything is working as expected.  Thanks Dov

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