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IAP 304 - Voice in only one direction


We have a problem with the IAP 304.

We have created several VLANs. Most of them work properly except for VLAN 10 (voip). Phones initialize properly, but during an IP phone to IP phone call, the voice only works in one direction.

My system is ALCATEL OXE, my phone Alcatel 4068.


Any idea ?


Many thanks in advance

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Re: IAP 304 - Voice in only one direction

Do you have QOS setup on your wired infrastructure? 

How is your phone connected to the IAP 304?

If it is wireless, do you have the SSID configured as Voice?


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Re: IAP 304 - Voice in only one direction

QOS is not activated but there is no traffic on this network at the moment.
The IP phone is connected to a switch, itself connected to the AP.
In the AP, there are several SSIDs depending on the usage (see attached file), the other SSID is working properly

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