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IAP 304 only one external antena

Hello AirHead members,


We recently replaced our old APs by new IAP 304, despite there are three antenas connectors our reseller advise us to purchase and connect only one antena (AP-ANT-19) per IAP because our bandwith requirement and client density doesn't require more.

Is there something to change in the IAP setup to disable not used antena connector ? could we let it not connected ?

Is this configuration correct ?


Thanks in advance



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Re: IAP 304 only one external antena

You would need to install RP-SMA terminators on the unused antenna ports of the IAP-304 for proper operation.


Was the AP-ANT-19 deployed with the original APs that the 304s replaced?

Charlie Clemmer
Aruba Customer Engineering
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Re: IAP 304 only one external antena

Antena have been purchased for IAP 304.

Thanks for your help.



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