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IAP 315 Maximum Speed Possible

Hi Everyone,


I am new to Aruba (2 months now)


I have setup 7 IAP 315 in my home (low density) and have setup the radios to prefer 5Hhz, wide channels and Client matching.


My issue is I do not get the speed I hope to get on Speedtest.


I say this because I am compairing with my Asus Router which gives me much higher speed on its default setup.


Current Setup :


Internet - > Modem -> Peplink 580 (load balancer) -> Unifi Poe switch (LAN speedtest around 900Mbps) -> Aruba IAP315. -> WiFi speedtest around 450Mbps


alternate setup 


Internet -> Modem -> Asus Router (LAN speedtest 900Mbps) -> WiFi Speedtest around 720Mbps


I know that the setup can get 900Mbps. Am dissapointed why I cannot get the speeds I am getting on a cheaper Asus Router that the IAP315.


I have ead the forums and have tried so many configurations. Not sure how to setup as all cannot get the speed I am getting on my Asus wifi.


I dont know if IAP 315 has a limit in term of speed / bandwidth.


Can anyone please :


1) Suggest to me if I can actually tweak any IAP settings  to get speeds that I am getting by my ASUS router


2) what additional hardware required to get this speed (if any)



Thank you in advance




maxspeed lan.jpg

Speedtest on LAN



iap 315.jpgSpeedtest using ARUBA IAP315 (standing 2 meters away)asus speed.jpg

Speedtest Using ASUS router Wifi




Re: IAP 315 Maximum Speed Possible

What is the client used, and what supplicant/wireless NIC, etc, and can you doiblecheck the channel config for each (preferrably from the client supplicant)? Is Jumo enabled on both? My guess is one is at HT40 and the other is at VHT80. Or they are on different channels, etc. Jumbo would help too but I don't know if jumbo is enabled on your Asus or not. 


What features are enabled on your 315? The 315 is doing much much more with the client traffic than the Asus.


I also wonder if you are using an Asus wireless adapter as well, a 4x4 adapter of some kind, as that's getting pretty close to or is at 4x4 client speeds. 


Finally, we don't tune our APs for max performance, we tune it for maximum stability under load. We routinely do 60 and 100 client tests on the 315s, as well as 60 client multicast video testing, that generally does not go well with prosumer routers (though we don't test them in our lab as they are not our competition). So your mileage may vary, esp if your supplicant and NIC are Asus as well, as Asus tunes their routers to their NICs for maximum performance. 

Jerrod Howard
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Re: IAP 315 Maximum Speed Possible



Thank you for the fast reply.


Well, the clients tested on were

1) Apple Macbook pro 2018 model on default setting

2) Thinkpad X1 carbon 2017 model


Thdey are NOT asus and not configured for any asus software.

What I want to tweak is for IAP 315 to deliver speed and nothing else.


I know ASUS is prosumer and not in your competetion but am surprised that without any load, it does not help in speed wiht its band steering, clinet match, power options.  


Yes reliability is important but with low density, are you suggesting that it is better for me to use ASUS ?






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Re: IAP 315 Maximum Speed Possible

Can you check the actual connection speed and parameters from your Macbook for both connections?


If found here that if you press option, then click the Wireless symbol, you will see the connection data:

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 9.02.07 AM.png

Specifically relevant here is the Channel and the bandwidth (157 and 40 MHz in the example), the Tx Rate (360 Mbps), PHY Mode (802.11ac) and the MCS Index (9).


Can you share for both connections the screenshots?


What is the type/model of your ASUS router?


If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: IAP 315 Maximum Speed Possible


Thank you for the reply.

The model for the  asus router is RT-AC88U


I got another tpLink router.


Enclosed results of Aruba, Asus and TPlink.


Aruba is the worst although I have 6 of them IAP 315 in my place.



aruba.jpgArubaasus.jpgAsustplink.jpgTP Link


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Re: IAP 315 Maximum Speed Possible

Link parameters look similar, so I would expect similar performance numbers. It's just that the RSSI for the Aruba is -48 and the others is -21/-23 which is a significant difference. It looks like the MCS value is the same so still I would expect similar performance.


I would check with your Aruba partner on mounting, power levels etc. It can be that the fact that you have 6 APs is causing the radios to reduce power; but still MCS and connection rate is the same which should result in similar performance.


Aruba TAC may be able to help you with troubleshooting or optimizing the settings for single client performance over multi-user total system performance.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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