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IAP 325 - Lost Configuration & Aruba Central

Hello community,


I recently purchased some IAP 315 devices. I configured one for a client, had it set up and running for about 2 weeks without any issues. I then decided to test out the Aruba Central and added this device to it. After that the wireless AP lost it's configuration. I am only guessing that the two things are related as that was the only thing I did with the AP prior to it losing it's configuration. It also seems now that I am unable to really configure the device locally.


Does this mean that using Aruba Central it essentially takes over control of the device and applies whatever configuration is available through AC (in this case, there was nothing there) to any AP associated with the AC account?


If my assumptions are all true is there any way to remove this device from Aruba Central?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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