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IAP-93 Make network-down after upgrade firmware

I have 4 IAP-93 on my network. Before i upgrade firmware to, our IAP-93 is working well.

now, after upgrade the firmware, every day at 05.30 PM, my network down (user can't connect to other network, just connect to gateway IP). IAP must be reset and this is repeat every day.

can we downgrade the firmware to stable version ?




Re: IAP-93 Make network-down after upgrade firmware



Are you able to connect to the GUI of the virtual controller and monitor the network?

When you say the network is down, is the SSID visible and the user just can't connect to it?


Can you please post your configuration?


thx, S

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Re: IAP-93 Make network-down after upgrade firmware

see my attached file.

in aruba.pdf that show our network design.

before upgrade firmware all client can connect to DMZ and to outside (global internet).

but, after the firmware is, all connection is our network is down.

user still can connect to aruba, but can't connect to DMZ and internet.





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