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IAP-93 Unknown Access Points Detected

Hi, I'm using an IAP-93 as my home access point in the UK. I've recently got Sky Q TV boxes installed at home and for anyone who doesn't know these boxes connect to eachother wirelessly over 5GHZ band. Now becuase I need to have them connected to my home network for internet access the Aruba AP is picking them up as Rogue or Interfering AP's and stopping them working.If I do an ids-reclassify ap {mac_address} 2 5 .... or 2 0 for the Rogue APs they work for a few seconds, then get reclassified and stop.


Now as this is just a home AP I'm trying to full turn off IDS as it's just not needed, however I have followed various guides and despite going in to Configuration > IDS and checking all possible options are set to off, it's still stopping the device from functioniung. Is there a way to either disable IDS completely, or whitelist the Sky boxes MAC Addresses?



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