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IAP-93 and mounting



I'm crafting a small office installation and thinking about using IAP-93 on 5GHz only as all the laptops support 5GHz. Any caveats when going with this instead of just using IAP-105? I know most mobile phones don't support 5GHz yet but that shouldn't be an issue.


One thing I noticed is that AP-90-MNT-W2 mounting kit has a hole for the network cable on the back unlike AP-105 mounting kit which has a hole on the side. So the network cable basically has to come through the wall/ceiling. I guess the basic AP-90-MNT kit is a better option if the cable is drawn on a flat surface and not through a hole on the wall or ceiling. Any comments or suggestions?




Re: IAP-93 and mounting

The AP-90-MNT-W2 mount has an opening at the top as well to allow feeding a cable when mounted to a flat surface.

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Re: IAP-93 and mounting

Thanks, I see it now looking at the installation guide. Is there any real difference using this for ceiling installation opposed to AP-90-MNT wall mount adapter?

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