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IAP + AirWave over MPLS vs. Internet

Hi Airheads,


I'm just checking out which solution is better for a customer requirement and would have some questions about it...

1) IAP + AirWave for Configuration Management, Montioring and User Access over a distributed enterprise MPLS environment vs.

2) IAP + AirWave for Configuration Management, Montioring and User Access over Internet are in my focus!


I would have now the following questions that currently occupy me and maybe you can help me out on this?!

-) I almost got through the "Aruba Instant in AirWave 8.2.6 | Deployment Guide", but till now I don`t really understand the difference between Groups with Templates and Groups using the Instant GUI Config option... the so-called Golden Configuration can be adapted using Variables in the Templates and are deposited so that new VCs are almost Zero-Touched deployed in AirWave - right? But how does this work with IGC? Can templates and variables be used to make this Zero-touched also or do I´ve to confiure e.g. VC-IPs manually in the VC-List for each Virtual Controller?

-) about the the solution over Internet I´ve found already some interessting posts (e.g. https://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Controllerless-Networks/Aruba-Airwave-DMZ-design-with-instants-connecting-from-internet/td-p/243373) and slides - which I added... what I do not understand is the difference beetween this two pictrues and why a Mobility Controller in the Datacenter is used?

What would you recommend - using the HTTPS for the whole configuration, monitoring and management as well user access or to go over IPsec Site-2-Site VPN configured on every Customer Branch Firewall to get this all done?



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