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IAP Printer and Client issue

Hi All,


I need assistance in regards to two issues since an IAP solution has been deployed at a school.


IAP Firmware:


They have 24 AP’s in one cluster, which are all 205’s.


They have two SSIDS setup and are broadcasted everywhere. One is a PSK and one is an 802.1x SSID.


The first issue they are having is that since the install they have issues printing from IPADS to 4 printers, some of the printers do not appear on the list on the IPADS and another appear and disappear.

All the devices are connected to a PSK SSID and fall into the same VLAN. They have bonjour & AirGroup ticked across multiple domains ticked.

Multicast transmission optimization is disabled

Dynamic Multicast Optimization is disabled


When we enabled AirGroup across mobility domains then the issue was stable for a while, but keeps happening again.


Can you advise how I can troubleshoot this further on the IAPs?


The second issue they are having is one of the clients keeps disconnecting from the wireless. They have a windows 7 and say when they “disconnect” the WiFi symbol will show limited connectivity.

They have to manually disconnect and reconnect to resolve the issue. We ran an initial debug on the IAP and got the following messages:


recv_stm_sta_update: receive station msg, mac-ac:7b:a1:5d:4b:25 bssid-84:d4:7e:3b:85:00 essid-

recv_sta_ageout_offline: receive station msg, mac-ac:7b:a1:5d:4b:25 bssid-84:d4:7e:3b:85:10 essid-

swarm_timer_handler,11648: del client ac:7b:a1:5d:4b:25, client count 1.

recv_sta_online: receive station msg, mac-ac:7b:a1:5d:4b:25 bssid-84:d4:7e:3b:85:00 essid-


Please help me resolve the two above issues.

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