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IAP environment variables

I have been trying to set the ip address and netmask info via the setenv commands. It seems that the IAP will retain the information but will still attempt to obtain an address via DHCP. Is there any way to configure the IAP to find the master without a DHCP server present on the network.

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Re: IAP environment variables

Commandline configuration for the IAP is not supported and should not be used, unfortunately....


If you want to have an AP talk to a controller, convert it, using the Maintenence Tab first,  then the setenv commands will work when it is converted to a campus AP.



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Re: IAP environment variables

Thanks, it does seem to work after a while/rebooting although I'm not sure I've been able to say why it did not work after the first reboot. The second IAP obtained a DHCP address and when I provisioned the device on the GUI of the master IAP it had kept the statically assigned address. I wanted to know because we do a lot of field work where a DHCP may/may not be available or we may need to pre-configure devices before arriving at a site.

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