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IAP's too close together?

I have about 38 IAP 105's throughout my campus here and I'm having issues with signal fluctuation..  I was wondering if the AP's are too close to each other?   Can AP's be too close to each other?  If so, what kind of problems would that cause?

Re: IAP's too close together?

Having IAPs too close together could cause different RF issues :

Layer 2 retries
Poor performance
A lot power / channels changes (ARM calculations)

Things you can you do to determine whats your issue:
- look at the structure of your building and determine the attenuation between the walls or materials that the signal has to travel through
- did you performed a site survey ?
- look at the neighbors APs that are not managed by you ( surrounding APs) or non - 802.11 devices
- run some of the AP arm commands to learn whats going on with rf environment from the IAPs perspective .
- determine if its related to a driver issue on the device itself or certain type of devices .
- does happen when the deivice is connect on 11g or 11a ?
- look at the release notes for next IAP software code you have installed to determine if there's any known issues related to the one you have installed.
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Re: IAP's too close together?

You may also want to do an RF plan using Aruba VisualRF Plan tool. Import the floor plans and place the APs where you currently have them located. This will show you RF signal and if any signals could possibly be causing interference. Actual RF signal is going to be different due to other factors (reflecting signal, refracting signal, misc interference sources), but this will give you a decent understanding if your APs need to be relocated.

Michael Haring
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