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IDS Beacon Frame with Incorrect Channel event



I am seeing about 40k+ "Malformed Frame Wrong Channel Detected" events per day although I only have a few hundred APs currently. When I look at the content of the message, the BSSID the event is triggering against other neighboring APs also managed by the same Mobility Controllers. ArubaOS version is


ex (some output has been removed for security purposes).

wlsxMalformedFrameWrongChannelDetected wlsxTrapAPMacAddress.0:00:4E:35:C6:F7:0C, wlsxTrapSnr.0: 35, wlsxTrapAPLocation.0: <snip>,wlsxTrapAPChannel.0: 153, wlsxTrapTargetAPBSSID.0: 00:4E:35:EF:33:90,wlsxTrapAPRadioNumber.0: 1, wlsxTrapTargetAPSSID.0: <snip>, wlsxTrapTime:5/18/2020 10:37:13 UTC-4, wlsxTrapTargetAPChannel.0: 36,wlsxTrapSourceMac.0: 00:4E:35:EF:33:90


This behavior is observed across both of the sites we currently have Aruba equipment deployed at. Overall RF health is good, we do not have issues with poor performance or poor RF coverage. Has anyone had similar experiences with the IDS engine constantly throwing this alert against your own APs?



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