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IDS Warning - AP Spoofing

I have been noticing this in my controller logs for various clients.  This particular client reported that they were disconnected while in a MS Lync call over wireless during this time period.  Naturally I asked if he was able to get to other applications during the disconnect and he said he wasnt sure because he was more worried about establishing the Lync conference rather than diagnosing further. 


My question is will the AP ignore the client when this situation happens?  What could possibly be causing it.


Sep 19 15:55:07 Controller wms[1853]: <126070> <WARN> <Controller/IP> |ids| AP(d8:c7:c8:8f:7c:b0@18thStE): AP Spoofing: An AP
detected a frame from a0:88:b4:60:65:68 addressed to one of its BSSIDs d8:c7:c8:8f:7c:b0 on the wrong CHANNEL 40. Destination address is 00:00:0c:07:ac:bf, SNR is 39, and FrameType is Data. Additional Info: SSID:.



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